Monero Mining Guide

Getting Started

Follow this simple guide to get started mining Monero with the decentralised P2Pool mining pool

1 Monero Node

Download the latest Monero release for your platform
Open a command prompt in the same folder as monerod and run
monerod --prune-blockchain --zmq-pub tcp://
Wait for the blockchain to fully sync, this will take a few hours. You need to have around 50GB of storage for the pruned blockchain.

2 Monero wallet

We recommend using a separate wallet for receiving P2Pool payouts since the wallet address will be public.
Once the blockchain has fully synced, create a new wallet using the official Monero GUI wallet

3 P2Pool Node

Download the latest P2Pool release and then run
p2pool -wallet YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS
Wait for the P2Pool node to sync, this should take a few minutes

4 Start your miners

Download the latest xmrig release
Run xmrig -o
Now wait for a share to be found. You can check your progress at p2pool observer

Multiple Miners

You can use many miners with a single P2Pool node. You need to ensure that you can connect to the P2Pool node from the other miners, by ensuring the relevant ports are not firewalled