The mining pool is closing on August 19

High Performance Monero Mining Pool

Pool Hashrate
Active Miners
Blocks Found
Last Block


Pool Fee 1.1%
Payout Scheme PPLNS
Minimum Payout 0.004 XMR
Server Locations GLOBAL


Network Hashrate -
Total Blocks -
Last Block -
Last Reward -




We regret to inform our valued miners that the pool will be closing on August 19. We thank you for being a part of the pool and your continued support.

The closure date has been changed to give more time for miners to switch pools.

Please reconfigure your miners to use a different pool before this date. Any miners that are not updated before August 19 will stop working.

We recommend transitioning to the decentralised p2pool. There are no pool fees when using p2pool and the decentralised pool helps to support the Monero network.

Any remaining pending rewards left after the pool closes will be sent automatically.

Any queries please contact

Please note that we are not affiliated with any other websites that use similar names.

So long and thanks for all the blocks

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