No stats showing up?

After you start mining your stats should show up on the dashboard in a few minutes. If it does not, make sure that your miner is properly configured.

XMRig should show that it is connected to minexmr.com:

[date]  net      use pool pool.minexmr.com:4444 
[date]  net      new job from pool.minexmr.com:4444 diff 75000 algo rx/0

If this is not shown your config is incorrect. Use the following basic config from a command prompt
xmrig -o pool.minexmr.com:4444 -u YOUR_ADDRESS

Observing invalid shares or bans?

These are usually caused by unstable overclocking. Please try changing your settings and reconnecting. Bans auto expire after 10 mins. If you are sending invalid shares you are loosing potential earnings!

No pending rewards?

You need to wait for a block to be found, then to mature (20 blocks need to be mined after it) to appear in your pending rewards. This will take around 1 hour.

No payment?

Once you reach 0.004XMR you can request a manual payout on your dashboard

Once you reach 0.1XMR, you will be sent a free auto-payment within 24 hours

If you have any queries, contact support

Do I need an account?

No, you just need to supply the payout address as your username

Why is the hashrate different on the pool to my miner?

There is usually a small difference between what is reported on the pool and in the miner, the pool shows an average calculated over the last 10 mins. If there is a large discrepancy make sure your shares are being accepted

Can I use my antminer,ASIC,etc?

Monero can currently only be mined with GPUs and CPUs


Please see API documentation

Contact Us

When sending an email, please include the monero address you are using. Email pool support at


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